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Building Demolition

Our projects benefit from a team of highly skilled employees with a range of knowledge. Overly sensitive projects, which necessitate an efficient emergency response to prevent catastrophic damages from occurring as a result of poor planning and execution, might be one of the logistical issues experienced with a demolition project. We focus solely on offering workable, sensible, and affordable solutions to issues that develop in these domains.

What we do

In Demolition, we provide clients with expertise on dismantling structures from small installations to large industrial, residential and high-rise projects. Since 1982, we have been involved in all aspects of Project Management in the Demolition and Contracting Industry in the United Kingdom (UK) and United Arab Emirates (UAE). When you hire our team, they work closely with your personnel to develop a customized demolition strategy allowing you to rest assured that projects will be executed safely and efficiently. Demolition is the core activity of our business and our focus is to accomplish demolitions successfully with meticulous planning, state of the art equipment and an expert demolition team. All projects are fully compliant to the highest health, safety and environmental standards recognized within the UAE. Our team has worked throughout the UAE extensively and have an excellent Safety Record. Safety is paramount for all our Projects and we ensure that all Safety issues and Environmental compliance throughout our Contracts. We make great efforts to minimize disruption to nearby businesses and communities, and the environment in general.