Asbestos is the name for six minerals made of fibers found naturally in the earth. These minerals
have been used in construction and manufacturing for many reasons.
For starters, asbestos fibers are flexible and resistant to heat, fire, chemicals, and electricity.
That’s why they’ve been used in home and business construction materials, automotive parts, and
even textiles.
But the fibers that form asbestos separate easily into tiny pieces when they’re handled or
damaged. They’re too small to see, and they’re easy to breathe in. They can build up in
your lungs and cause health problems.

Asbestos handling in the UAE has been identified as a critical environmental issue in the 1999 of Federal Legislation, it has only been since the passing of Regulatory Decision of the Cabinet No 39 0f 2006 (Cabinet Resolution), that the UAE has completely banned the import, production and use of Asbestos Boards within the UAE. This technical guideline was developed to handle, transport and dispose Asbestos / Asbestos Containing Material (ACM) waste in the Emirate of Abu Dhabi.